Flagship Products

Scattered and Refractive Polarimeter

Measures stress distribution of 2 step IOX glass(Li+⇔Na+ and K+⇔Na+) using both optical waveguide effect and scattered light at the same time

  • Available for Ceramic glass
  • It is useful for quality control because it judges OK/NG based on a criteria

model: SRP-1000 Catalogue

Model: FSM-6000X

  • Available for UTG
  • Measures glass surface stress and depth of layer optically
  • The original calculation algorithm achieves accurate measurements
  • Be improved in various aspects compared to previous FSM-6000LE, e.g. prevent immersion liquid from soiling a machine by mean of the advanced prism,the electrical dimming is adopted by the machine.

model: FSM-6000X Catalogue

Scattered Light Photoelastic Stress Meter

Enables to measure stress distribution of chemically strengthened glass in ion exchanging between Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion (Li+ → Na+) .

  • Available for Ceramic glass
  • Distribution of refractive index in glass doesn’t have influence on a measurement result.
  • Available for measuring glass having a curvature.
  • 10um diameter of laser beam achieves pinpoint measurement.
  • Stress profile from the top surface to inside glass is described by the data synthesizing between SLP-1000/2000 and FSM-6000.

model: SLP-2000 Catalogue

Model: FSM-7000H

Suitable for measuring surface stress of a large glass plate.

  • Built-in camera
  • Improves data certainty and stability for a measurement.
  • Power supply is provided from a USB in the computer.

In order to measure surface stress for a chemically strengthened glass,FSM-6000 has been widely adopted by a lot of our users. Especially,FSM-7000H was developed based on the request which is to do a measurement for a larger thermally strengthened glass with a smaller and lighter machine,automatically.

model: FSM-7000H catalogue